DSO+T Study Draft Examples and Documents

This section links to models and design documents for the DSO+T study that PNNL is conducting in FY19. Most of this material will be incorporated into the main TESP documentation as the described models and agents are fully integrated with the platform. In the meantime, this section provides a roadmap to the existing draft documentation, for those working on the DSO+T study. No technical support can be provided for material referenced from this section, outside of the DSO+T study team.

ERCOT System Models

The DSO+T study will be conducted on reduced-order 8-bus and 200-bus models of the ERCOT system in Texas. Each bus will have a GridLAB-D substation that serves from one to three feeders. The 8-bus model with supporting files are distributed with the TESP installers, but not yet documented as part of TESP. For more information about this 8-bus model, see:

DSO+T Agents

New agents for the DSO+T study include batteries, day-ahead markets and transformer control to optimize loss-of-life. Some of these agents have been developed and tested outside of TESP, under an internal PNNL code repository. These agents are being integrated into TESP. For draft documentation of the standalone agents, see:

Water Heater Modeling

The GridLAB-D water heater model, as currently implemented, does not offer enough flexibility to participate in transactive systems. Upgrades are planned for the DSO+T study, as detailed in: